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NEW Service: Bookable Collection Times for Medication Posted on 30 Nov 2016

We know that queueing for dispensary patients to be added to the dispensary list has been a problem.  This was introduced to support a safe working environment for staff dispensing your medications and also to improve patient confidentiality at the dispensary hatch.

We have considered all options that will work with our clinical system to try and address this problem and have come up with an online booking system.

When you look at the online appointments, you will see that a new option has appeared, called Dispensary Collection Time.  This is an appointment time for you to collect your medication from the dispensary.  Once you have booked your slot, you simply arrive at the surgery as you would for any routine appointment and use the self-check-in screen to confirm that you have arrived.  The dispenser will know you are waiting and will call you to the hatch.

We hope this change will prove beneficial to patients and reduce the wait time for collections.  If the system is successful, we will increase the number of bookable collection slots available.  As always, we welcome your feedback.

**** PLEASE NOTE: You will need to be registered for on-line access to use the new collection booking  system — if you are not yet registered, please ask for details.****



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Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away! M Collins -Butchers